Camp History

The Camp was founded in 1925. It has nurtured young people who have sent grandchildren back to the place where they found a meaningful part of themselves. The camp was founded in a simpler time, but the faster world was coming, and parents felt that time in the woods apart from school, and familiar roles and places would help their children grow. The American summer camp, with its cabins and fire circles and traditions was born. It was created in a time when there was less pressure and strain on children.

The camp has not been reinvented. Campers follow the same trails, paddle the same unspoiled rivers, cheer the same achievements and wear mud on their shoes with the same freedom. The camp was founded by an educator, Chief Abbott, and the present owners, both professional educators, continue that legacy.

In its 80 plus summers the camp has nurtured many traditions handed on each year from one set of young hands to another. A camper from another generation who strolls up the road, and many do, will hear and see many sounds and sights familiar from his or her summer. The core of the camp remains as always a belief that children grow when their days are challenging and where they can help shape their own best and longest-lasting memories. A Woodcraft summer is truly an investment in a responsible, caring adult. That is what motivated the founder, and motivates the camp today. It is a place that helps young people grow into responsible, caring world citizens - without them ever knowing that that is what is happening.